Reviews of the Artist

On one level her handling of subject matter and her distinctive palette combined with an interest in sensuous flowing shapes evoke the artistís Vedantic belief in the unity of individual being existing in an all encompassing aura of the universe. In addition to her distinctive use of color, the role of line and the placement of form, the artist relies upon the dress and settings of her subjects to achieve a harmonious fusion of Western form and Eastern belief. Over time, subtle changes in style begin to occur in the settings of her figures. A more aggressive use of floral forms as well as an interest in richly worked fabrics and wall coverings are brought into play to add visual life to the artistís spiritual message. Manzar Rassouliís strength lies in her ability to reconcile the opposites mentioned above Ė visual form and philosophical content and a consistency of intent enlivened by ongoing stylistic variations.

Dr. Allen Hurwitz
Hurwitz Center for Studies in Art Ed.
Maryland Insitute of Art
Baltimore, MD

Seeing Manzar's paintings we may feel the truth of Rumi's words
" a fresh idea in an artist's mind, you fashion things before they come into being" .
Manzar's paintings evoke quiet moments when we take time from our busy lives to meditate. Time in contenplation of the light touching delicate flowers. Her painted poems inspire us to the same oneness the artist has with flowers. Using colors and lines, Manzar creates harmony in space, and a visual language with the ability to translate the mystical union between our physical world and the experience of beauty.

Mercedes Cecilia
PA Academy of Fine Arts