"A Woman's Eye"

"Women East Women West"

Observations and Expressions through Decades

Simplicity vs complexity, form vs formlessness and fading form, unity vs separation, color vs monotone, existence vs on-existence.   The artist examines elements and issues on two sides of the spectrum. She expresses her thoughts on human experiences of unity, peace, love, separation and endurance. She is influenced by the eastern philosophies. Though Manzar expresses her feelings and thoughts through simple, static forms, one can infer a dynamism and hint of discovery in them. She strives for peace and tranquility through her ecstatic forms.

Artist's Statement

Art has been a delicate vehicle to communicate my ideas and feelings that connect me to my cultural roots in Persia. The essence of literature, philosophy, music and other aspects of eastern and western culture have played a part in my expression on various subject matters. My work regards peace, unity, the human experiences of love and longing through the conveyance of simple visual forms.

Selected Reviews of Manzar's work
About Manzar.
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Manzar's works are on permanent display at WaterMark Gallery
Workshop: "Teach your heart with art"
An exploration of contemplative / creative proceses. (YouTube)
"Teaching your heart with art" Watermark Gallery workshop, short clip (YouTube)
A woman's eye: Women West Women East for Global Peace
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Selected series:

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Early Works

Her Third Eye Series

"Women who appear with no eye refer to wisdom within.  I remember from my childhood observing nomads in the countryside."

Motherhood Series

Women of Persia Series

Unity Series

Mixed Media Series

Glorious Presence Selections from the New Millenium Series (Abstracts)

"I express spontaneity and state of presence within and transfrom it on the canvas, inspired by musc in turn inspired by the poetry of Rumi and Hafez.  The flow quality of form and color are indicatative of the dance of freedom, spontaneity, joy and the celebration of life."

Selections from the New Millenium Series

"I search and examinethe notion of peace and beauty in pure state of presence."

Women East Women West, Veil and Shadows


"I communicate peace and tranquility through simple forms and variations of white pigments, within the creative space associated with possibility in silence."

Other Series...

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